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Handdyed yarn
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Order an Advent calendar from MumiLumi no later than 30.06.2022. Receive four beautifully wrapped gifts in early November with 3 exquisite, hand-dyed qualities. Choose an extra 50 grams of silk mohair, if you like.

Choose from the color themes Gold & Purple or Mint & Pine.

Choose between merino fine or sports.

What to knit with handdyed yarn?

Waiting to be inspired as to what to knit with handdyed yarn from MumiLumi? Take a look here, please. 
There are plenty of superb knitting patterns to be found online, developed by the most talented designers. If you want to knit your favourites in handdyed yarn, it's easy to substitute regular yarn with handdyed. Just pay attention to grams per skein, yardage, gauge and needle size. There are free knitting calculators online that help you "go handdyed". A knitting project in yarn from MumiLumi is just unique - have fun.
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Color joy and great passion for quality yarn is the driving force behind MumiLumi. Here you will find several types of yarn, all of which are handdyed personally by me. The bases are carefully selected based on specific criteria - and this also includes a completely deliberate opt-out of yarn from Australia due to the risk of mulesing.

You will find i.a. wool, silk, silk merino, silk mohair, alpaca and organic yarn with me. Some yarn types are superwashed - others non-superwashed.

No two colors are exactly the same - and there can easily be variations within the individual batch in the same coloring. In addition, the various bases absorb the dye color differently. It's all the charm of handdyed yarn - it has its own life - the most beautiful combinations can emerge from almost nothing…